Kaylee Norris “GRAND SLAM” Bay Area Showcase 2017

The entire 2017 Bay Area Showcase was amazing! I am not sure I can describe the feeling I had after this hit. All I remember was that my teammates and the crowd getting wildly loud at the time of my hit and coming in to home plate to see all my San Jose Sting 14U teammates there to enjoy the moment. Throughout the 2017 Bay Area Showcase, I batted a .786 with a Grand Slam, another Home Run, Two Triples and some doubles and singles. Our team went 6-1 overall out at the Twin Creeks Sports Complex and I made ZERO errors playing shortstop. It was also nice to see so many of my coaches and teammates from the past. I was also told there were quite a few College Coaches (from California, Washington, Arizona and more) at the games over the three days. I love my Coaches and Teammates!!  San Jose Sting #27 14U
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What is a Grand Slam?
grand slam

  1. 1.
    “a home run hit when each of the three bases is occupied by a runner, thus scoring four runs.
    “he hits a grand slam to win the game”
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