My Personal Thoughts On Education And Academics.

One of my biggest goals over the next eight years is the quality of my education. In the beginning, I just did what my parents asked: study hard, school comes first, get good grades. I’ve maintained straight As through all my schooling so far. In some subjects it was easier for me, and in others, more difficult. Having the right study habits and working hard made that achievable for me. Now that I’m starting to visit colleges, I know why they made me work so hard! I am a 4.0 student and starting my freshman year in high school, while playing San Jose Sting 14U for Fall 2017.

The academic part of education is obviously important. Having the opportunity to attend a quality high school will lead to attending a quality university. Being academically successful will set me up for my future career (or careers), not only through the knowledge I gain, but also through the experience itself and the work it takes to graduate. I don’t know what I want to study yet, but through middle school I’ve been a WEB leader (a leadership and mentorship program) and I really like being able to help other younger students be successful at middle school. I’ve also been a Teacher’s Assistant and liked seeing what happens behind the scenes. So, I may want to go into Psychology or Education when I get to college.

The experience part of education is also important – to meet a lot of different people, to have different teachers and professors, to live on my own when I get to college, to manage my own schedule…all of those things will continue to build my self-confidence, help me choose my direction, and help me to continue to learn about myself and the impact I can have in the world. As I try to imagine myself at each university I visit, it gets a little more real and inspires me to continue to work hard so that I have a lot of choices.

I am looking forward to attending St. Francis High School in Los Altos, CA. I spent my shadow day there with one of my wonderful teammates who goes there. It was overwhelming, but also really interesting to see new and different people, the beautiful campus, and how it would be to go there next year. Throughout high school, I will continue to work hard to reach my potential in all areas of my life, and of course, I will keep on dreaming big so that I can make a positive difference in this wonderful world in which I live!

Kaylee Norris

  • I was accepted to Saint Francis but made the very hard decision to attend Piedmont Hills High School.