7-1-2021 NorCal/SoCal Players of the Week 2021

Here We GOOO! "It’s at Piedmont Hills where we find Norris, a senior shortstop who has Pirates’ fans shouting in glee every time Kaylee comes to the plate, and why not, she’s only hitting .737 this season.

Last week, Norris was perfect at the plate in 10 appearances.

On Tuesday, Kaylee was 5 for 5 with four doubles, five RBI and four runs scored. The four doubles makes the Most Doubles (Game) list in the Cal-Hi Sports Online Record Book. All individual records will be posted soon, but four doubles does make it."

7=20=2021= College Softball Soon! Today I was selected by coaches "MVP OF LEAGUE" in the BVAL division. Thank you coaches :-O) YAY!!

Dear Friends and Coaches - I would like to thank you all for all of your support over the years! Over the last three years, I have received several offers from both D1 and D2 colleges. Today, I have finally made my decision to go and play collegiate softball at Dominican University of California!!! I have met many of the girls on the team and the coaches who all gave me the warmest welcome I could ask for. I would also like to thank coach Windy Thees from Utah State and now at Winthrop University! Coach you had a MAJOR impact on my life, and I will never forget you!! GO NUGGETS 2021 πŸ™‚

7-4-2020 - Happy 4th of July! My new team CAL NUGGETS played so many games this season. I was able to play everywhere on the field and have made many new friends. I hit .800 through 4 games last weekend. I think Modesto closed the field πŸ™

4-4-2020 - I have accomplished all of my goals for March. School, Softball workouts and fitness stuff. I am very excited for the new Travel Ball season with my new team. CAL NUGGENTS 16U. In the meantime, I have been working hard on my swing and fielding πŸ™‚ Ready To Go!!!

December-15-2019 - Oh what a journey! Fall Ball was amazing. I played a lot of SS and 3rd! I think this was the most consistant hitting through an entire season I have ever had - Mostly hit in the 3 and 4 slot.

I AM CHANGING TEAMS. Yes! My Next Stop **CAL NUGGETS SUMMER 2020** I am going back to see one of my favorite coaches that I've EVER had at a different organization! I will miss my friends πŸ™‚ that I have made playing for STING for over 10 seasons. I have posted a short clip of a little of my play this past fall season. woop woop!

September 1, 2019 - Ohhhh My Goodness!!! No Words!!! πŸ™‚ :):) :0 :):) πŸ™‚

7-9-2019 - I hit a .579 in the 2019 IDT in Colorado through 5 games with 12 RBI's and 9 runs scored! *See my highlight video above.

7-9-2019 - I hit .733 through 5 games in the Southern CA PGF Qualifier and we won won a Premier birth. *See my highlight video above WOOP WOOP!!

5-24-2019 - πŸ™‚ I MADE "FIRST TEAM 2019 ALL-LEAGUE" GOING TO DIV 1 CCS πŸ™‚

**2019 SUMMER SAN JOSE STING SCHEDULE KAYLEE NORRIS #27 16U SHORTSTOP** 5/25-5/26- SSF Memorial Day Classic (Stockton, CA! 6/8-6/9- Zoom into June (West Covina, CA) 6/15-6-16- So Cal Qualifier (Huntington Beach, CA! 6/22-6/23- Portland National Qualifier (Portland, OR! 7/3-7/7- IDT Boulder (Longmont, CO) 7/13-7/14- Best of West (Chino Hills, CA) 7/19-7/26- PGF Nationals (Huntington Beach, CA)

4-10-2019 Lots of amazing camps this winter! So nice to meet so many friendly coaches. My high school softball team is on πŸ™‚ We are 5-0 in league. I'm actually hitting better vs the better/faster pitchers in Divion 1. Love my coach and all my teammates. Here is a clip (above) of some of my HITS and DEFENSE so far. I ran a 2.87 home to first! Happy for baseball brother made it into Valley Christian high School ranked #1 nation for BASEBALL in 2018.

12-23-2018 ...getting ready for some high school softball!!! weights, camps, practice now that finals are ooover!!


Saturday, November 17 08:30 | vs. Explosion – Hilliard 2021 | FV7 10:10 | vs. The Bat Company – Cordts | FV7

Sunday, November 18 10:00 | vs. Washington Ladyhawks 16u Gold | FV7 1:00p | vs. California Riptide | FV7 2:30p | vs. AK Krush 16u Jolin | FV7 Fountain Valley Sports Complex 16400 Brookhurst Street Fountain Valley CA 92708

The "On Deck Combine" Oct 20 & 21 was so much fun! College coaches ran all the practices and the three games. There were lots of really great girls there playing. I liked how the college coach were SO NICE and fun to workout with! My mom made me a clip of some of my hits and plays. I posted it.

THE BAY AREA SHOWCASE 2018 - FIELD 6 STING 16U #27 GAME TIMES Saturday October 20, 2018 Game Times at Twin Creeks: 1) 8:00am Sting vs Cal Athletics FIELD 6 2) 11:10am Sting vs Lady Magic FIELD 6 3) 12:45pm Sting vs Lohana Tigers FIELD 6 Sunday October 21, 2018 1) 10:50am Sting vs Easton Preps FIELD 6 2) 1:40pm Sting vs AASA-Asia FIELD 6

10/3/2018 - HERE ARE MY (#27) SHOWCASE DATES FOR SAN JOSE STING 16u 2018 Sept. 15-16 Batbusters Fall Showcase (Stockton, CA) Sept. 22-23 PGF Annual Organizational Challenge (Stockton, CA) Oct. 13-14 On Deck & TCS Showcase (West Covina/Chino Hills, CA) Oct. 20-21 Bay Area Showcase (Sunnyvale, CA) Nov 10-11 Salad Bowl Showcase (Salinas, CA) Nov. 17-18 Surf City Early Thanksgiving Showcase

9-15-16-2018 First PGF Tournament of the short fall season. I hit a Home Run and played SS and Center! I think our team will win lots of games this season πŸ™‚

09-2-2018 I'm EXCITED to be in several San Jose Sting 16U 2018 Showcases this fall! I hope to SEE some of the coaches I've met over the years!! Here is my schedule -

9/15-16 Batbuster Fall Showcase – Stockton, CA 10/20-21 San Jose STING Bay Area Showcase – Sunnyvale, CA 11/10-11 Salad Bowl Showcase– Salinas, CA 11/17-18 Early Thanksgiving Showcase – Irvine, CA

6-25-2018 IT'S FINALLY HERE! We are in Colorado at the "IDT." My San Jose Sting team will play teams from New Jersey, Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado and many more over next 6 Days. I am so excited and will post my overall batting average after all our games right here (I got hurt). All Better Now. I will also post a few hitting videos and defense videos in the gallery.

Playing Varsity Softball was a Blast! We played so many games vs Division 1 and 2 schools and took 1st Place in League play! We moved on to play Division 1 in "CCS" Here are my accomplishments for my freshman year; | Voted "MVP" by my teammates and coach | Highest Batting Average in League {.584} Tied for 4th in Doubles | Tied for 1st in Triples. | Highest Batting Average (Tie) in the "Central Coast Section" CCS (over 100 Teams) vs all Freshman | Voted 1st Team All League.| Was On the Cal High San Jose Bay Area News | Played Shortstop all games and batted 4th. | Defensive Putouts 27 Assists 32 | Click here to see my Home Run in Division 1 CCS Playoffs. | Yeah It Was An Amazing Season πŸ™‚

Here I am on MaxPreps for Piedmont Hills High school 2018 season; Click Here For My Updated MaxPrep Stats vs Division One and Two Schools

Piedmont Hills High school is 6-0 so far. We have a solid team of really great girls and my mew awesome coach. My batting average has been in the 600 - 700's throughout the beginning of the season and currently at .650 The girls hit a bit harder but I am adjusting and making those outs. Game tomorrow vs Gunderson High. 2018 Piedmont Hills High School Varsity Softball !!!

I made the 2018 Piedmont Hills Varsity Softball Team. I batted 4th and hit a "Over The Fence" Home Run, a double/triple (not sure) and a single in our first game. I played shortstop and made 3 or 4 outs. WE WON! Love my new Coach and Teammates. We have SO MANY games coming up. Woop Woop!!

Back after Showcase in LA this last weekend. I had the FLU throughout the Tourney and wish I felt better! UGH πŸ™ CChicken Noodle!

My team, The San Jose Sting 14U will be playing in the PGF "Early Thanksgiving Showcase" this weekend, Oct 17-19 2017 at the Fountain Valley Sports Complex on FIELD 6!

SAT: 8:30 vs Ohana Tigers, 10:10 Mizuno Storm SUN: 10:00 vs ProSwing, 1:00 vs. Cal Nuggets, 2:30 vs SoCal Athletics. I am looking forward to some great games and I will post my stats on my stats page after the tournament! COME CHECK OUT SOME 14U STING GAMES Kaylee Norris #27:)

10-23-2017 San Jose Sting "2017 Bay Area Showcase" was as good as the "IDT" in Colorado for me. My Sting team went 6-1 overall. I batted a .786 overall through seven games with a GRAND SLAM (with 2 outs and tied), and a home run, two triples and some doubles and singles. I played Shortstop throughout and made ZERO errors. There were College Coaches from several different States who attended (Washington!, Arizona and California. San Jose Sting 14U #27 Woop Woop!

10-16-2017 Excited to Play in the "Bay Area Showcase" this Friday, Sat and Sun for the 14U San Jose Sting! #27 FRIDAY FIELD 5 @ 4:30 VS LADY SHARKS FRIDAY FIELD 5 @ 6:10 VS STRIKKER SAT FIELD 3 @ 12:40 VS ALL AMERICAN SAT FIELD 3 @ 5:25 VS FIRECRACKERS SAT FIELD 3 @ 7:00 VS NORCAL BANDITS SUN FIELD 3 7:55am VS BATBUSTERS

10-10-2017 Come and check me out at the 2017 SAN JOSE STING SHOWCASE OCTOBER 20-22 2017 at Twin Creeks Sports Complex. Sting 14U! #27

10-09-2017 - My team played in Stockton last weekend and I had quite a few solid hits and RBIS. I also made 3 Double-Plays at shortstop πŸ™‚

09-26-2017 - Started San Jose Sting "Fall Ball" and had a great tournament last weekend in Stockton. Next stop is Riverside, CA this weekend. I started high school :))

07-02-2017 - Great Time at the 2017 "IBT" in Colorado! We played teams from around the entire country. Our team did pretty well throughout the week. Colorado was BEAUTIFUL and I look for to going back next year to do better!!

06-28-2017 - IDT Boulder, Colorado,Day one. Played a pretty good team from Kentucky and Oregon Batbusters. 333 with a Double!

06-26-2017 - I actually miss school. Straight "A"s' all three years except for one B+. I guess that is a 3.99 lol

06-25-2017 - Four games in a PGF Salinas this weekend - walked out batting in the 400's and a Double! Lots of put outs at 2nd base. No Errors πŸ™‚ 2&2 overall. Leaving CALIFORNIA to COLORADO on Tuesday for the IDT Fastpitch Showcase. The Big One to check it out. 500 BA last 3 tournaments!

06-23-2017 - PGF Qualifier Today In Salinas . San Jose Sting!!

6-15-2017 - I found out that I set Piedmont Middle school's record in the 100M dash ...and my relay team also set the school record! woop woop.

6-5-2017 - Las Vegas PGF Qual in 100 degrees! We went 2 and 2 on the day! I batted a 600 though the tourney. The Oregon Ducks lost πŸ™ Go Florida! (17 innings) OMG!

5/25/2017 - Today I ran the 100M in sectional finals. So many schools. They were using the "Automated timer...No blocks - next year I will learn how to use those things" Hoping for a 13.00 flat.

5/11/2017 - Today in Track & Field, I broke the Piedmont Middle 100 Meter record and qualified for sectionals! 13.11 Seconds and a First Place (stopwatch). My goal is to place Top 20 in CA. Athletics.net

03/07/20107 - I am looking forward to summer after all this rain that we have had!

3/6/2017 - I am sitting in school excited to get out and practice with my team for the upcoming tournament!

02/24/2017 – Over the weekend I played in the PGF Qualifier held in San Diego, CA. Through Pool Play and Brackets, I batted a 385%! 2 Doubles 2 Singles and 1 Triple

02/20/2017 – The Triple Crown is coming up and I am so excited. There will be teams from all over the country attending and I hope to play against the best of the best.